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Provisions and facilities in the Euro gym premises:

              Euro gym is the biggest gym of the city having 5000 sq ft area, where at a time 100-200 persons can work out all together. Euro gym provides a spacious hall specially made with polyurethane cushioned floor for workout activities like Yoga, Martial art training, Freehand exercise, Warm up exercise, Personal training, Steps training, Zumba dance, Stretching exercises. A very well ventilated space managed by a proper team of cleaning staff for best HYGIENE. Euro gym is floored with germ proof PVC floor in gymming workout area. The management specially takes care about the sanitation cleanliness of the equipments on regular basis, so as to take care of the user's gym hygiene.

Council Office:

              Registration, enrolment, counselling, diet recommendations for proper fitness. 
Cardio equipments and Hall

                We provided highly precised imported world top brands treadmills, Elliptical cross trainer, Upright bikes, Spin Bikes, Rower machine. 

Free weights:

                Full range of free weights 1kg to 50kg precised curve handle Dumbbells set available here for advanced weight training for professional clients. Full range of  Barbell set with Olympic and Standard Rods provided for weight lifting/free weight training. World's top brands different types of proper bio mechanised olympic and standard Benches like Incline, Decline, Flat, Preacher curl benches, Squat rack, Lying Leg press benches etc provided for our customers. 

Gym Area: 

                Euro gym is fully equipped with highly precised Multi station gym, and individual stations for all muscle group for beginners, intermediate and advanced users.  

Wash room: Separately for males and females with changing room.

Steam and Sauna room: Neat and cleaned steam and sauna rooms separately available for males and females.

Chilled purified water plant: 24X7 we provide purified and ambient water to our members.

            Marching forward, towards  the excellence in fitness sector, Euro Gym has left no stones unturned for any bars unraised in order to provide everyone an uniform platform to have a good health. Be it any of their gyms, it's well equipped with all imported exercise kits that facilitates all types of gym workouts and brings the most out of people's efforts and turns their valuable time and effort to their asset of health in a very productive way. Some of the best practices carried out for bringing out the best in the health of people working out there under expert super vision are: 

Free hand and warm up exercises: Prior to doing any kind of exercise, it is essential to create enough amount of boosting hormones so as to perform well in any exercise. Euro gym understands this and has created a set up a well-studied and researched free hand and warm up exercises before jumping over to other exercises. 

Aerobics: An exercise that stimulates rapid palpitation and thus strengthens the cardiovascular muscles in the process can be defined as aerobics. Due to rapid and rhythmic stretching of muscles and similar activities which requires rapid external body movements the heart is stimulated to pump blood at a higher rate. This ultimately improves the cardiovascular activities. 

Well, what exactly do we define working out to be? 

            It may be lifting heavy weights or something that makes your muscle stretch or alternatively making you breathe faster than normal. These activities actually make your blood pump actively along through your veins and arteries carrying the required oxygen to your muscles. Dancing of all forms, Bi-cycling, athletic exercises, skating, swimming, sporting activities etc involves extensive stretching of muscles repetitively or rhythmically and results in breathing faster than normal. In this way it improves the utilisation of oxygen in the body and are rightly defined as aerobic exercises. We suggest a healthier practice of aerobics should be around a minimum of half an hour a day, being one of the most important aspects of exercises, 

AEROBIC EXERCISES are given utmost priority in Euro Gym. It's not only important but also a necessary activity for everyone irrespective of age or sex. If carried out with proper technique it can be a life changing schedule for all of us. If one understands its importance and benefits and peruses it accordingly one would be surprised to see what difference it can make in your life. Taking the definition of aerobic in to consideration many of our regular activities like cycling etc can be given the name of aerobics but that actually does not count towards your benefit as they are not carried out as per proper techniques. One aspires to take proper benefits of aerobics abiding by certain well defined and designed techniques or forms is a must. One can find its best benefits and practice it in a way it should be at a proper platform in gyms like EURO GYM. The reason behind the expertise and specialisation of EURO GYM in aerobics is none other than expertise of its very own founder Sunanda Jena. Being an elite sportsperson, Sunanda Jena has an in-depth knowledge about the in and outs of all grounds of exercises and fitness techniques. Backed with a considerable experience she enhanced the practice of aerobics in the most technical and beneficial way for its members in EURO GYM. Packed with scientifically proven exercise techniques and a never before way of administration simply leads to the creation of an ideal platform of AEROBICS here at EURO GYM. It walks along the true definitions and makes sure it's people reach out to the true benefits of aerobics. People practicing aerobics here experience results beyond their expectations which leaves them simply wowing and fantasising about EURO GYM. Benefits of Aerobic Exercise: In addition to strengthening your heart and cardiovascular system, participation in regular aerobic exercise has many health benefits. 
  • Aerobic exercise:  Improves your blood circulation and helps your body use oxygen better and thus makes it more active  and makes you energetic. 
  • Increases stamina and endurance, earning you foundation of healthy life.  It nullifies the vulnerability of developing heart disease
  • Helps reduce the risk of developing diabetes
  • It cuts the extra or unwanted fat out of your body 
  • It manages your balanced body weight 
  • Reduces stress, anxiety, depression and tension 
  • Incorporates better sleeping habits 
Yoga: Apart from focussing on gymnastics, Euro gym respects the traditional Indian yoga practices  which has proved to be one of the best practises for stress relieve and management and ultimately maintaining a good mental and physical status. Here are different yoga practices that are taught and done here: 

Pranayama -Meditation - Asanas - Stretching exercises

               Euro gym offers a well-researched set of stretching exercises that make one feel relieved and increases the flexibility and strength of various body muscles. Conditioning: Conditioning exercises can prove to be one of the best practices for increasing stamina and mental power to the desired levels if done under proper expert supervision. One needs to go hard on oneself performing a certain physical activity withholding their breath. One needs to push their limits and in the process of increasing their stamina and mental power. There are few gyms where such wholes one practices are carried out as it requires the best expert advice and supervision. However, Euro gym with it's expert pool of trainers can be considered the safest place for such exercises. Core training: Most people often get confused with what exactly core training means. Most of them have a misconception that core training is anything related to the abdomen. However, it relates to the bodybuilding training associated with the core muscles and body parts that increases the inner strength and provides long term fitness. It generally is related to the spine and parts deep inside the abdomen which comprises of diaphragm, pelvic floor, and transversus abdominis. Steps: There are various exercise steps that not only increases the body flexibility and releases a hormone called dopamine in the body that makes one feel good and sets a positive attitude. 

Cross fit training/ Endurance training: People have always been misguided in the concept of endurance training. Most local gyms and fitness training centres generally explain endurance as, how heavy a weight can one lift or how hard can one punch. But the entire definition of endurance is different. It means how long one can stand a difficult situation or condition, and ultimately, endurance training means how long can one lift a heavy weight and what amount of control he/she has over his breathe. 

Cardio fitness: One of the most important aspect of fitness is cardio fitness which is also the most contributing factor in increasing the longevity and quality of life. Euro gym takes care of the core cardio fitness though it's exclusively researched exercise techniques and diet recommendations.

Treadmill: The well designed and motorised treadmill here in Euro gym keeps it promise of providing the best working out experience and ensures the best results one desires to have.

Cross trainer: The best of the rest cross trainer also known as X trainers stimulates activities like stair climbing, walking and running without actually pressuring joints. It is the best instrument for practising cardiovascular exercises.

Upright bike: The premium upright bikes offers a great platform where one can pedal and can make involve most of the body parts up in action. It's a very engaging technology providing a comfortable cycling experience without unhealthy stress on the body. Apart from this also keeps track of the speed, the amount of pedalling done and thus lets one know about his performance.

Body Building in  a Multi-gym

                   A multi-gym is now available virtually any gym in the market. Multi-gyms are usually designed for a single person or two with bars and benches adjacent to each other. But unless and until these are designed and made from a well-known brand these always cause some or the other trouble to people using them. One needs to be very sceptical while choosing a multi-gym. A single machine providing a station to several people with strength training equipment for different muscle groups of the body is called a multi-gym. A multi-gym can be a single station multi-gym where a person can carry out several exercises which commonly used for domestic purposes also there are multi-station multi gym where several people can work out with strength training equipment for different muscle groups which is used for commercial purpose. In Euro Gym in multi-gym section we are equipped with TuffStuff brand made in USA, APPOLO series multi-gym which is a premium strength training fitness equipment. If we compare with low quality equipment these equipments provides the best result during work outs. In our Multi-gym one can cover flat chest press, decline chest press, incline chest press, shoulder press, pack fly(butter fly), rear delt(reverse fly), high lat pull, preacher curl, leg call, leg extension, leg press, leg calf press workouts can be done. These machines at EURO GYM can satisfy even the experienced bodybuilders weight resistant needs. The smooth operation of the machine and comfortable biomechanics of the gym helps the begin


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